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Affordable Experience serving clients in Virginia, DC and Maryland

Why John R. Griffin, PLLC?

15 Years Legal Experience in the DC Metro Area

I have lived and worked in the DC Metro area for almost 15 years and have represented clients at virtually every level from small claims court up to federal courts of appeal throughout Virginia, DC and Maryland.  See the Practice Areas section for more information regarding my experience.

Affordable Experience

As a solo practitioner I can offer affordable legal services tailored for your specific needs.  My rate is very competitive for the area given my level of experience.  Please see the FAQ section for more information about my rate.

A no-nonsense approach you can understand

All attorneys are different, with different experiences, styles and goals.  Finding the right attorney can be difficult and is not unlike hiring a mechanic when you don't know anything about cars.  Be sure to ask hard questions from the start and make sure you understand the answers.  I might not be the right attorney for your particular issue but we won't know unless you ask.  Send me an email or give me a call.


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